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Adit Kerala Ayurvedic Center is an authentic Kerala Ayurvedic Panchakarma Treatment Center situated in Begumpet, Hyderabad. The founder, Adit Academy is a well known authority on Ayurveda with over two decades of experience. Over the years he has been successfully treated many patients from Kerala and Karnataka. He started ‘ADIT’ in Hyderabad in the year 2011 providing holistic experience of traditional Kerala Panchakarma treatments.

Adit believes that understanding our customers is the best way to serve them better. Our experienced team of doctors and therapists is well trained and oriented towards providing best possible treatment in Ayurveda with the help of modern technology.


According to a study conducted by Harvard University, Ayurveda is the most popular alternative medicine and lifestyles approach to health practiced in the world today.


In many countries around the world Ayurvedic medicine is covered as part of government or private medical plan. As world is changing and thus the thinking of people for a better medicine with out side effect, start pursuing better ayurvedic medicine.

“A way of life” Originated over 5000 years ago in India, Ayurveda is the world’s oldest medical practice. The term Ayurveda combines two Sanskrit words - Ayur, which means life and Veda which mean Knowledge. Ayurveda means “the knowledge of life”

Known as the mother of all medical practices. Ayurveda has undergone continues and rigorous research, development and refinement over its 5000 years of history. To be effective, ayurvedic therapy requires a prescribed time frame. Treatments come in modules of 7, 14,21, 28days and may even stretched to 6 months if necessary. . In the year of 1982 Ayurveda was approved by WHO as an effective medicine. But Ayurveda goes far beyond being a mere system of medicine. It is a way of life found specifically for the upliftment of mankind.